how to market on pinterest.

Since March 2010 Pinterest has become one of the top 3 popular social media sites. Women are the main audience of Pinterest. Pinterest has become so popular with females because the content on the site is normally DIY, weddings, or beauty. Because Pinterest has become so popular brands are trying their hardest to tap into this audience through the site. They are flooding the main page with pictures pinned by workers of companies. I personally hate all the products that have taken over the front pages. Oscar De La Renta and Honda have gotten by attention by taking different marketing approaches with Pinterest. Oscar De La Renta has been known for posting live photos of his shows on different social media sites like Tumblr. Oscar De La Renta has recently live pinned the bridal show. The team posted photos of the models before, during, and after the show. With such a huge bridal audience on Pinterest this was a great marketing move. Honda, a car company, is taking steps away from the normal product promotion. Their approach is giving top pinners 500 dollars to get them off their computer and to the places they have been pinning about. Along with posting pictures of their cars Honda’s social media campaign that includes Pinterest for the first time has gotten a lot of attention through the social media world. Pinterest is such a different type of social media that it offers companies to be creative and take different approaches in product promotion.




This Baltimore indie rock band started in North Carolina with an electro pop sound. On the Water is their most recent album and my personal favorite of their 3 official albums//I haven’t dug into the EPs yet// Spotify relates them to WU LYF and The War on Drugs. Listen to Balance and Long Flight to get a feel of this band’s sound. Apparently i missed them when they came to Knoxville in January…maybe they will come down south again soon.


TV on the Radio:

I have heard of TV on the Radio for years but I have never had the chance to listen to them. Then spotify came along and TV on the Radio came into my discography. A combination of Post Punk/Soul/Indie Rock/and a little bit of Electropop makes up TV on the Radio’s sound. These New Yorkers are not very active on twitter but they do have a ton of followers. Having only 3 tweets since September and still having over 19,000 followers is pretty impressive. That is how good this band is. Hop on spotify or pandora to listen to their music or go to your local record store on saturday and buy one of their records to participate in RECORD STORE DAY!


The Notorious XX:

I am not specific about music, I like artists and bands from all different genres but I am usually against rap/hip hop music. I am notorious for killing the mood in the party by changing it from rap music to something no one but me wants to listen to. BUT if you trick me sometimes i really enjoy rap music. I got tricked into liking Jay-Z because he is such a good performer, I got tricked into liking Childish Gambino because I love Donald Glover, and this past week I got tricked into liking Notorious B.I.G………The Notorious XX is a mashup created by DJ Wait What that combines The XX’s album, the XX released in 2009, and Notorious B.I.G.’s raps. This mashup was released in 2010 on a blog and became viral. Wait What took down the free download 12 days after he posted it, but if you try a little bit you can still find the album. This odd combination is surprisingly smooth and works together so well. To keep up with DJ Wait What visit his website.


The Boxer Rebellion:

The Punch Brothers:


Coachella is in 4 days and I am sitting in Knoxville, TN

Coachella, one of the best music festivals in the country is in 4 days and 10 days if you are going to the second weekend. Coachella started in 1999 and has become one of the most talked about musical events in the country. This year the headliners are the black keys, dr. dre and snoop dog, and RADIOHEAD. Born and raised in the south i have grown up hearing about and attending Bonnaroo, a music festival in Manchester, TN that has a good amount of fans. I love Bonnaroo but one of my life goals is to go to Coachella. Coachella takes place in April in southern california. Great music, california style, and california spring weather sound pretty good to me. IF i was going this year these are the bands I would go out of my way to see:

Radiohead: I dont think I need to explain this one, but after seeing Radiohead in March I will do anything to see them again. They put on such an amazing show. (they are coming to bonnaroo this year, so dont worry i will see them again)

Dawes: Dawes is a band from Los Angeles that I love. I saw them at a local record store this fall and I have been listening to them since. As another one of my favorite folk rock bands, I would be front row and center at their show on friday.

The Black Lips: The one song that will make me dance no matter where i am is modern art by the black lips. I would go to this show just to see this one song and dance. I would also like to see what their other songs are like live, but I would be one of those people that go to a show for that one song (i mean i LOVE it).

Andrew Bird: See my old music monday post about Andrew Bird to read about my love for him. I missed him last month in Nashville so I would love to see this show, I have heard he is amazing live.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals: Grace Potter is so commanding when she is on stage. Her voice is so powerful that you cannot take your eyes off her when she is dancing around the stage. I would love to see them again after listening to their music more intensely.

Honorable Mentions: The Black Keys, Gary Clark Jr., Gotye, First Aid Kit, and many more.

Coachella has done a really great job using social media, from their twitter account that is active year round, to all the promotions they put out through twitter (@coachella) and facebook, and their youtube channel is practically famous in April. For an event that happens once a year (well two weekends this year) they have done a great job of selling the coachella brand across the world using the internet.

I have to keep reminding myself that I am not made of money and I cannot hop on a plane, buy a ticket, and enjoy this weekend music festival. Until I am made of money I will just sit here on my computer and imagine myself in California go to this youtube channel to see live broadcasts of the shows, highlights, schedules, and other things you would see if you weren’t on your couch in Tennessee.

see ya in a few years coachella!


The uncredible source.

I have always been told wikipedia is not a credible source because anyone can change it and anyone can add the articles, but how is that different than huffington post and social media sites? These days real news comes from the population. It spreads on twitter and facebook like wildfire before it gets to the main news sources like CNN and Fox. Social media sites and online blogs are becoming the places that people check to find out about current events. People turn to social media even to start a revolution or share an idea. My big question is when are schools going to let blogs, wikipedia, and huffington post count as sources for research. In the advertising and marketing field you rely on what your target audience is thinking, saying, and sharing. My school research comes from databases and reliable sources but when do those reliable sources become reliable? I am sure Mashable and other famous trustworthy social media blogs started out as just blogs, when did they become reliable? Is it when a company starts around this site? when respectable news sources start reposting your articles? when you have over 2,000,000 followers on twitter? In my opinion the internet is full of people writing whatever they want. I am not sure what makes these “credible” sources credible, but if you ask me to tell you about something in the news or a historical event I go straight to wiki, twitter, or google to find the most recent news. I am curious to see how children in the next ten years learn how to research. Go ahead and quote this blog post because it is obviously as reliable as wikipedia and you know when you are researching you trust wiki over a lot of other sources.

Social Media 101 (this one’s for you mom)

Facebook: a place to stay up to date with friends near and far. Post pictures and statuses to keep your friends informed on what you are doing. Used by anyone, any age, anywhere in the world.

Twitter: Take your facebook status’s cut them down to 140 words and you have twitter. Little blurbs from the mind take over my twitter feed. Quick easy way to interact with your friends, celebrities, bands, and comedians, as well as companies. Can be used by anyone, any age, but Twitter is more personal and is only fun if you have friends to follow in my opinion.

LinkedIn: Facebook for the business world. LinkedIn is like a virtual job fair, you are defined by your job and past experiences and you connect with people you have professionally worked with. This is a great profile to develop if you are looking for a job and need to connect with people in your field. There is also a feature on LinkedIn that lets you post articles and share blog posts about things in your field.

Instagram: A mobile app that has taken over picture sharing. Instagram has just recently been added to the android market making it accessible for all smart phones. This app lets you take pictures, give them a filter, and share them with your followers on instagram, twitter, and facebook.

Pinterest: Pinterest has quickly become every women on social media’s favorite site. It is a website used to share ideas, pictures, clothes, and everything else on the internet in one place. Pinterest has multiple uses: if you find something on a website you like you can add it to your virtual pinboard or if you like something on pinterest that your friend pinned you can repin it and add it to your board to save it for later.

Mashable: This is not a social media site but it is a site i visit daily. Mashable is the news room of social media. Check out this site for articles on your favorite social media sites and technology.

California Dreaming Music Monday

Delta Spirit: A California based band that is taking over my itunes. I heard their single on the radio the other week and fell in love. They have a beach pop/rock sound mixed with a typical indie sound. These westerners have three albums, their latest released in 2012. If you like Dr. Dog, Deer Tick, or Cold War Kids check this band out. I will be seeing them this year at Bonnaroo listen to their new single California and you will be there too.

follow their twitter account for new releases, tour dates, and stories from the road: @deltaspirit

No.: If you like the National you will love this band, you will love them because they sound almost exactly like them. They have a happier sound than the National but their singers have very similar voices. These Stay with Me is a haunting song that I cannot get out of my head. Make sure to listen to their EP Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Here Forever, which now available for free on their website They are based out of California and all their tour dates are on the west coast but I am hoping they make the trip to the southeast soon.

Follow them on twitter or connect with them on facebook: @NO and

Wavves: This california dude sounds like he is recording straight out of a garage that looks out on the west coast. Songs about the beach and california culture fill his albums. If Best Coast was a boy she would sound just like Wavves. He has appropriately played with Best Coast and has become one of my favorite summer artists. On this dreary day, I am obviously dreaming about sitting on the california coast listening to this beach rock.

follow wavves twitter account here: @wavveswavves

Guerilla Marketing

Being an advertising major has taught me a lot about thinking outside of the box, time management, and hard work. Americans are are surrounded by advertisements daily and tend to ignore most of them. I am one of the few people i know that doesn’t skip the commercials on youtube videos, I am also the one to rewind the DVR just to see that one commercial again. But for the average person they are doing everything to avoid it. Everyone is familiar with TV and radio commercials and ads in magazines or newspapers but marketers have discovered guerilla marketing is a new media companies should invest in. Guerilla Marketing is a nontraditional use of media. From huge soccer balls crashing into buildings to street grates turned into grills guerilla marketing could be placed anywhere and reach any audience. I am fascinated with guerilla marketing and I could see it becoming more popular in the next few years. It is a great way for companies to get an edge up on the competition. Advertising is becoming more than just print ads. Ads on the internet and social media sites are popping up everywhere. Advertising and marketing agencies are adapting quickly and adding these two new forms of advertising into their advertising plan. If i had my way i would work with guerilla marketing as my career.

The Sopranos reaching their target audience in New York.

An airport reminding people to check their baggage.

Prison break using sweet advertising.

Travel Agency promoting scuba diving.

A Red Bull Racing team changing tires in time square.

**Images from Google**



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The Other Pinterest


Pinterest is a great place to find products you love. But what if you find something that you love that has no link. I have franticly searched the internet for those shoes or those earrings and have come up with nothing. There is an alternative. Wanelo is a lot like Pinterest but it is only made for products. All the pictures are linked to the website the product came from. Wanelo offers a button to put on the top of your browser like Pinterest does to allow you to “save things” you find online. Wanelo has a similar layout to Pinterest, everything is in squares in a grid on the website. On Wanelo you can follow people, stores, or collections. It is a lot like Pinterest minus the photography, the weddings, and the quotes. Just think of it as an internet store with all your favorite products in one place.

also this is the funniest blog i have ever visited:

The Highlights of Highlight.

Highlight was the most buzzed about app before and during SXSW this past week. SXSW has become a place for technology and social media sites to be premiered but this year, because it was so crowded a lot of the sites got lost in crowd. Highlight was an app that was talked about before the interactive conference and might become the next foursquare, twitter, or facebook. Highlight is an app to find out who is near you and what they like. If someone near you has the Highlight app it will show up on your phone if you have the app too. Highlight connects people through interests and lets you save the person so you can remember them. You could use this app at a bar or a party to find people with similar interests and avoid the awkward conversations. This is a good idea for social media because social media is used primarily by a younger generation. Using Highlight at parties is the only way I would be behind this app. I would be appalled if someone stopped me in the grocery store and said “oh your Highlight told me you like music and hiking, we should chat.” If foursquare wasnt creepy enough this is taking it to the next level. Strangers around you can see who you are, your name, where you are from, what you like…..a stalkers paradise. Social media is becoming more and more invasive, but people are still signing up for these things, including me.

“Highlight gives you a sixth sense about the world around you, showing you hidden connections and making your day more fun.”

What I would have seen if I went to SXSW

SXSW is the perfect conference for me, a music festival and an interactive conference in one place at one time??? SXSW is an Interactive, Music, and Film Festival that takes place annually in March. SXSW has become huge over the past few years, it is in Austin, TX and is almost a week long.  I feel like my twitter feed and all my go-to websites have been flooded with information about SXSW this week. This might be because I primarily follow bands and social media sites on twitter and read news on these two topics daily. SXSW interactive was the launching site of Twitter and Foursquare and is the conference that anyone who is anyone in the social media world attends. The music side has grown so much over the past few years with over i was going to list bands that performed but i was too overwhelmed by the list. SXSW is more that just a few shows, SXSW is all day and all night because of all the after parties and all the visitors that take over Austin for the 5 days in March. After reading all the tweets and watching all the videos I have realized I would have been so over whelmed and I would have probably looked like a chicken with my head cut off. If i did attend a few things I would have wanted to see if I was in Austin this week include:

-Jay-Z’s american express show used to promote american express’s new twitter partnership. This concert was streamed live on the internet and is still available if you would like to watch it.

– I would have supported the homeless hot spots. A cool idea of making homeless people in Austin hot spots for the week.

– I would have attended the acting class taught by the director of arrested development!

-I would have tried to see a lot of concerts especially Bruce Springsteen’s.

-I would have liked to hear about the the release of the new app “highlight.” An app that connects you to people around you that have similar interests. Meeting strangers walking down the street might be social media’s newest idea…..

– And most importantly I would have networked at all the parties. Journalist, musicians, actors, marketing gurus, social media geniuses and everyone in between are in attendance at the SXSW after parties. These parties are based on networking, maybe I could have used the new Highlight app to see who I could have potentially talked to.

Gary Sharma described SXSW as “A rollercoaster of parties, people, apps, marketing stunts, long lines, free food, fire dancers, business cards, party buses, taco trucks, drunken tweets, celebrity sightings, old friends, new friends, bbq, deals, hookups, checkins, random conversations, acquisition rumors and much, much more.” – how would you not like this?

Maybe one day I will attend SXSW but for now I will just think of all the cool things I would have seen. (An owl bus sponsored by Hootsuite)