Meet Virginia

Hello Blogging World,

I hope you accept me into the digital blogging world with open arms. My name is Virginia Anderson and I am from Nashville, Tn and I miss it everyday. I am currently in Knoxville, Tn attending the University of Tennessee. I am a Junior in Advertising and have a year and a half left (not that I am counting down the days until graduation). I chose to major in Advertising, because I have a very creative mind but I do not have the artistic skills to make it in the real world as an artist. I am also interested in Advertising because I feel like it will take me to any business or company I am interested in, or atleast in reaching distance. I would love to be able to apply to multiple fields when I graduate. When I graduate my dream is to work in the music industry promoting venues, bands, or record labels. I am currently an intern at Pyxl, a digital media marketing company, so combined with this class I hope to be a digital genius by the end of the semester. I am excited to keep up with all the social media trends and learn more about how social media sites can help companies succeed in these changing times. I think blogging and social media is going to be a huge part of any business field within the next 4 years, so why not learn everything I can about it?  I hope by starting this blog it will help me voice my opinion on matters I am reading about daily. I hope to get into a good rhythm of reading and writing and keep this blog going after the end of the semester. Welcome to my blog, I hope to inform you, challenge your thinking, and entertain you.




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