I have been antiquing since I was born, my mom, an antique dealer, would drag me into every store we drove by. When I was a child I loved it, I loved exploring all the cool things that antique malls had to offer, I loved running around flea markets and watching all the interesting people buy and sell. When I became a teenager I decided I was “too cool” for antiques, little did I know I had the antiquing gene. When I hit 16 I was over being cool and caved. Decorating my college dorm room and apartments came easy to me. I filled my room with painted furniture that I found for reasonable prices on a college budget and filled the walls with pictures and posters that I found sifting through piles. Antiquing and thrifting was nowhere close to a dying industry, but it was mainly for 50 somethings and above, until Pinterest. Pinterest has restored everything about the antiquing industry. Pinterest has made it so easy to get great ideas and revamp your house for cheap. 20-30 somethings are now obsessed with going to the flea markets and making something out of nothing, turning other peoples junk into art work, showing off how different they are because they don’t only shop at Target anymore. I might be bitter about it because if this fad fades out I am going to be left in the dust. But if pinterest stays popular or a new site emerges around the same idea it is going to do wonders for my future antique booth. Bring on the thrifters, stay on pinterest, and keep revamping old things. If you have been inspired from something you saw on Pinterest and need a place to find that wooden crate to turn into a spice rack check out these stores if you are in the Knoxville Area:

Nostalgia (one of my favorite antique malls in the country)

Turkey Creek’s Public Market (there is a small corner of good antiques)

The Nashville Flea Market (4th weekend of every month, worth the trek to Nashville)

Four Seasons Cottage

Great Smokeys Flea Market

also check out your local goodwills and thrift stores, they can have everything and the kitchen sink.

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