David Hall Rocks Y’all

I woke up this morning to very upsetting news, David Hall from lightning 100 radio station in Nashville passed away. I grew up listening to Lightning 100 and it has a very special place in my heart along with all the voices on the station. Lightning 100 is more that just a radio station, I consider them the voice of Nashville. They strive to create a great community around great music. They support local bands, businesses, and are always keeping Nashville Nashville. David Hall has been influencing Nashville’s music scene for decades. He has worked with Lightning 100 since the 80s and has promoted small bands until they became famous. Lightning 100 summed up how the Nashville Lightning 100 family is feeling today,

“This weekend, we were devastated to learn that our co-worker, Program Director, longtime family member and faithful friend, David Hall, had passed away. David’s steadfast professionalism and charm were hallmarks of his time at the helm of Lightning 100. He was THE face and THE voice of Nashville rock radio and Lightning 100, spanning decades at the microphone.” -Lighning 100

I was very upset to read this story but the twitter community and the facebook fans of Lightning 100 are showing their support and grief for David Hall. I plan on listening to Lightning 100’s online radio station all day. You can listen too to find some of the greatest music ever played on the radio: http://lightning100.com/.

Nashville has lost a great voice but you can support his work daily by tuning in at 100.1.

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