If I was giving awards for super bowl commercials (2012).

Here are my opinions: 

Best Tagline: “Grab Some Buds”- Budweiser

  • After showing different parties of people hanging out with friends, budweiser uses “grab some buds” to reinforce the drinking with friends idea they were portraying.

Best Song: Audi’s Vampire Commercial Featuring Echo and the Bunnymen- “The Killing Moon”

  • I did not like the commercial but immediately looked up the band. I hope Echo and the Bunnymen get a lot of followers after being featured in this ad.

Best Comedy: Volkswagen’s Dog running after the new VW Bug

  •   Honorable Comdey Mention: Camry’s Reinvention Ad.
Best Drama: Chrysler Ad featuring Clint Eastwood

Least Original Idea: All of Go Daddy’s commercials

Best Rerun: Budweiser’s American Prohibition Ad

  • Great Ad reusing the idea that Budweiser is American’s Beer.

Best Novelty Ad: Best Buy ad featuring Phone Innovators

Best Competator Ad: Chevy Silverado Ad

  • Chevy trucks surviving the end of the world, Ford trucks dont survive.
Here are Twitter’s Opinions:
According to Brand Bowl, who monitored twitter throughout the game they ranked the commercials as followed. They ranked these ads based on the amount of postive/negative tweets that came in after the ads aired:
  1. The Doritos commercial with the German Shepard, generating 48,498 tweets.
  2. H&M’s David Beckham Ad
  3. Chrysler’s Clint Eastwood ad.
  • The least favorite ad of the super bowl according to Brand Bowl was the Hulu ad featuring Will Arnett.
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