My Weekend Through the Eyes of Instagram.

Little Known Fact About Me: I LOVE NASHVILLE. i love nashville more than any place i have ever visited (and i have been to italy), my life goals are limited by my desire to work/live in Nashville. I love Nashville for so many reasons and I am sure I will cover them all in my blog over time. Over christmas break I won tickets on the radio to see Yonder Mountain String Band on Feb. 10. So obviously I penciled it in to my calendar and made a weekend of it. Here is my weekend in Nashville according to my Intstagram feed:

Let’s meet the Stars:

Katie Redmond (Right): My partner in concert crime. We made a promise that if we ever won tickets on the radio we would take each other. So naturally she came to Yonder Mountain String Band with me. We have kinda been friends since 3rd grade, she has great taste in music and goes to UTC. She likes nail polish, fashion, music, and sparkly things.

Claim to Fame: She went to New York Fashion week once and got a free pair of $100 leggings.

Check out her blog:

Chelsea (center): Always has the best sweets and treats up her sleeve. She has the cutest cat and loves watching rom-coms in her cute little apartment/soon to be East Nashville house. She also has great taste in music (do you see a trend?), likes going to the flea market, and is so creative that everything she touches could be on pinterest. She works at gigi’s cupcakes and always gives us a dozen every time we see her (spring break bod anyone?)

Claim to Fame:  Fido’s knew her name and drink order once.

Check out her blog:

FRIDAY: We pulled into Nashville and immediately stopped at Fido in Hillsboro Village. We caught up and shared all of our TV Moments (moments in our life that should be on a TV show).  After muffins, coffee, and eggs we decided it was time to part ways with Chelsea and make our way to the new Music Marathon Works. We elbowed our way up to the 2nd row and made some interesting friends (a 3rd grade teacher wearing a tutu).If you have the chance to see this band go! There were teenagers and 50 year olds in the crowd, there were frat-stars and hippies dancing right next to each other. This band is loved by all! We danced to Yonder Mountain String Band until we were blue…..bluegrassed out.  Then we drove home in the snow to end a great night.

Saturday: I don’t know if there is anything better than waking up in a warm bed to the smell of homemade breakfast but to me a close second is shopping with my mom in Nashville.
After a great breakfast we headed to multiple boutiques in Brentwood including Vignette.
They had a bird cage up stairs with real birds in it! If i ever have a store I will copy them,
even though I am kind of afraid of birds…..another time//another post.
Then I got to hang out with my precious nephew Nolan. We read books, sat by the fire, ate pretzels, popcorn, carrots, and saltines all mixed together in one bowl. FUTURE CHEF ALERT! We chased cats and watched SNL, and picked on his mom. He is almost 3 and one of my favorite people in the whole world.
After Nolan yelled at me for not coming to his house (heartbreaking) I picked Katie up and we met Chelsea, Ali, and Phillip at Mafiaoza’s. We had delicious pizza, pasta, and drinks. Ali and Chelsea won for the night by ordering this:
A cheese platter with drunken goat cheese, blueberry stilton cheese, and hummus.

Sunday: Katie and I made the trip back to Knoxville this morning. With The Frothy Monkey‘s Banana Hot Chocolate in hand we listened to Lightning 100 until we couldn’t understand the music through the static. When we finally got back to Knoxville we parted ways, I went to the movies and she went to the library (it was still the weekend for me). Now its Grammy/homework time. I wish I could instagram my setup but my data package on my iphone is running out quickly and the instagram app is too good to look at it for 1 second because i get caught looking at what my friends are posting.

Eventhough i am kind of bitter about Mumford/The Decemberist/Radiohead losing to The Foo Fighters i will still wish you all a happy grammy’s night.

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