Music Monday

Well its that time again….. Monday and almost Valentines Day……I dont have a valentine to put in your mailbox but I do have a few bands I discovered over the weekend for your heart. This weekend I spent time with some of my friends that have great taste in music (see my last blog post!) and we talked about a few upcoming bands//up-in-coming to us//

Here is some music monday love:

FUN.: No this is not a joke, Fun. is the band’s name (i was very confused the first time i heard it) but their single We Are Young- featuring Janelle Monae is so good that it will be stuck in your head all day. The band the Format broke up in 2008 and this is the lead singer’s solo act. The music is said to be vintage pop//lively rock//alternative.They have a new CD coming out on Feb. 21 . You can keep up with their twitter here: @ournameisfun

The Boxer Rebellion:

If you have seen Going the Distance with Drew Barrymore and Justin long you have heard of this band. They are the band featured in the movie twice. I am a huge soundtrack fan because it is a perfect mix CD that goes along with one of your favorite movies. I haven’t even looked into Going the Distance’s soundtrack until I was sitting at a coffee shop this weekend freaking out about the music coming out of the speakers. I shazamed it (a mobile app you can get on your phone to listen to songs and tell you what is playing in your surroundings), I even looked up the lyrics and with no luck I had to ask the barista. I was SHOCKED when he told me it was boxer rebellion. I am a huge fan of the movie they are featured in (and by huge fan i mean i rented it 7 times before i finally bought it). The Boxer Rebellion is made up of 3 guys from 3 different countries.  They released their 3rd cd in 2011 and are touring around North America with stops in Nashville, Knoxville, and Ashville. I will be seeing them in April and I am so excited about it.I am really bad at comparing bands but to me they are a less folky Fleet Foxes mixed with a little bit of The Stills and I might be crazy but a touch of interpol might be in there.

First Aid Kit: 

This Swedish band of sisters has hit the the air waves quickly and their songs are spreading like wildfire. They are famous for their musical recordings in the woods and their carefree hippie style. They have beautiful voices and combined with a folk sound like Joanna Newsom, The Civil Wars, and The Tallest Man on Earth they make a great band. You can purchase their new cd The Lions’s Roar and follow them @FirstAidKitBand. If you haven’t already check them out, it will be well worth your while.

If you are ever in need of a new band or song and dont have awesome musically inclined friends, visit Spotify and Pandora to find music you would enjoy based on what you already like, or you could come here every monday ….just saying.

That’s all….Happy Monday

P.S. The best valentine present i will be getting tomorrow is the Bonnaroo Line Up!!!!! Make sure to follow @spotifyUSA because they are releasing it on Spotify but you can follow their twitter feed if you dont have Spotify!

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