Ex(Kyoo)se me…Can I Have Your Attention?

I am a Kyoo Social Media Intern at Pyxl this semester, I work mostly with the website Kyoo. Interning at Pyxl in Knoxville has been great. I have learned so much about the internet and using social networks to network yourself and businesses. I am in charge of 5 Kyoos for the next two weeks and would love for yall to check them out! Let me know what you find helpful and what you dont like about the site or just explore all the kyoos!

What is Kyoo? (pronounced Q)

Kyoo is a social media aggregator. It is a website that brings together tweets, statuses, pictures, videos, blogs, and other pages on the internet about a certain topic. It is used by internet users and companies to see who, what, when, where, and how people are looking at their product/event/or topic. You can visit Kyoos and see what people are saying about topics from all over the world. It is a great way to find a lot of information on the web about one thing because it compiles it for you!


I could literally stare at this Kyoo all day! A compilation of all tweets, status, pictures, videos, blog posts, and everything about music festivals all in one place. Try it out tweet something about a music festival and instantly your tweet will be included into the stream. Looking at this Kyoo is getting me so excited for Bonnaroo and making me wish I could go to Coachella and all the other music festivals.  Good thing this is one of my Kyoos because I LOVE IT.


This next Kyoo of mine is for the Red Hot Chili Peppers fans. Keep up with the RHCP fan base and band. See pictures and videos and always stay up to date on where they are playing or recording. I love this because RHCP is a great band with a huge following. It is so interesting to see how far people will travel to see them. I know 2/5 members of my family will be seeing them this year. Will You?


This one is for all you manly men out there. A whole Kyoo dedicated to Grilling. I decided to pick this Kyoo because my dad, uncles, and older brother are extreme grill masters and i knew they could use this kyoo to find great recipes. There isnt a lot of grilling going on in the winter months but for those brave souls that venture out to the grill in the snow or for those lucky devils who dont experience winter here is a kyoo for you. Find great reciepes and ideas for grilling at this kyoo:


I am really excited to have this Kyoo, The Voice is a reality TV show on NBC and after watching it once I knew the show was going to cause a lot of hype. Its a mix of American Idol, the X factor, and pin the tail on the donkey. The audition process is blind so the judges rely on the voice of the artist. There is one more week of blind auditions then the actual competition will get underway. Watch this Kyoo to see what team is the crowd favorite, see who is trash talking who, and stay up to date with the contestants and judges.


I picked this Kyoo for all my NBA fans out there (aka all my friends from Memphis that are obsessed with the Grizzlies). Working with this Kyoo is going to help me out a lot when all my friends start talking about the Grizzlies and the NBA. I usually have no idea what they are talking about but now I will and you can too!



So please check out all my Kyoos, it is a very entertaining website and you can learn a lot from visiting for just a few minutes.

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