My 5 Favorite Comedic Twitter Accounts

I love twitter. It is my favorite social media site. It is a great place to keep up with your friends and the news. Twitter is an easy way to stay in contact with your favorite celebrity or musician. It is also a great place to follow comedians or spoofs of celebrities. These are my 5 favorite comedic twitter accounts.

5. Rob Delaney is a comedian based out of L.A.. His twitter account is so popular that Comedy Central has offered him a TV show based around the crude tweets. Through twitter he threatened to sue Kim Kardashian after her divorce for making money on a fake wedding. Most of the tweets are too crude for me but I know a ton of guys who think he is hysterical.

“It looks like the last calories Angelina Jolie consumed were when she drank that vial of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood.”




4. Shit Nobody Says is a twitter account based off the Shit _____ Says internet sensation. This account states things that no one would say. I find myself laughing out loud when this pops up on my twitter feed. Out of all the Shit___Says this is my favorite account. Shit White Girls Say is a close second.

“I’m not sure.. You should Bing it.”

“My bubble yum still has flavor.”




3. Ghetto Hikes is a twitter account from a guy names Cody who writes down things kids say when they are hiking. It is a combination of everything you have heard kids say mixed with an urban lifestyle.

“We thought Thurman ova there havin’ a seizure, turns out he just excited about nature.”




2. The Dark Lord is my 2nd favorite humorous twitter account. Based off the Harry Potter character Lord Voldemort this account tweets about trends and Harry Potter. This account relates current trends and events to the books. Its like getting a little blurb of Harry Potter daily.

“Anybody who responds with ‘Are you Sirius?’ about JK Rowling’s new book is getting Avada Kedavraed. #RowlingReturns
1. Old Man Search is literally the funniest twitter account I follow even though it tweets less than once a month. The basis of this twitter is a guy told his dad twitter was google and the dad types in searches into tweets. I don’t know if it is real but I have cried because I was laughing so hard at some of the posts. If you get anything out of this post go to twitter and follow this account.
“tv shows NO singing”

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