Birthday Music Monday

It’s my birthday today, this glorious Monday I turn 21 years old so instead of introducing new bands I am going to review my all time favorite bands and concerts:

Favorite Band for Life: Nickel Creek

I have grown up listening to Nickel Creek. My parents were great enough to take me to see them not once, not twice, but three times (Two being at the Ryman Auditorium). I was there at the very last show they played together in 2007. Since their break up I have seen Chris Thile 5 other times, solo and with the Punch Brothers. I will admit that I am obsessed and if they ever get back together I hope to be at their first show with my family.

Best Surprise Concert: My Morning Jacket 

Last Bonnaroo all my friends went back to the campsite after a long day at the festival, I decided to stay in Centeroo because I wanted to be really close for Arcade Fire. I weaseled my way up to 20 rows from the stage to stake out all by myself. My Morning Jacket was playing before Arcade Fire and the crowd was going crazy. Jim James came on stage with his furry boots and I knew I had made the right decision. I had heard one song of theirs before the concert but I was enamored with the show. I was so impressed by their stage presence and I loved their sound. Since that show I have listened to their discography and I have been looking for another chance to see them (I hope they headline ACL in the Fall)

Favorite Album: Kings of Leon- Only By The Night

This is my go to album; I think I have listened to it 300 times or more. I know every word and drum solo and will sing along to it all until it is annoying to other people. This is the cd that I will be listening to and look down and notice that I am going 89 on the interstate; I get so into the music that I forget about my surroundings. My actual cd is starting to skip because I have listened to it so many times. This cd came out my senior year of high school, it not only has a great sound but I have so many memories around these songs.

Guilty Pleasure: The Goo Goo Dolls

I have no idea why I love them but I do and I always will. When one of their songs comes on I stop what I am doing and usually start singing or dancing. I mean Iris and Name are classics, what is not to love about them?? The Goo Goo Dolls played a concert at a college near me a few years ago and no one told me, I missed the concert and found out about it a few days later. I am still bitter about it.

Favorite Concert: Radiohead

Favorite is a strong word, and I am hesitant to put it in the title of this one, but Radiohead……I am still speechless.

I saw Radiohead last Thursday in Atlanta and I have to say it was one of the best shows I have ever seen, the band, Thom Yorke, the audience, the dancing, the music, everything was absolutely perfect. I could have stayed at that concert for a week without food or water and would have been totally fine. Thom Yorke would say two words and the crowd would go insane, he couldn’t even finish a sentence because the arena would get so loud. The music took over the whole arena, everyone was dancing and singing along. I cant believe I am going to see them twice in one year, June 7-10 at Bonnaroo they are returning to Tennessee and I will be there hot and smelly waiting for hours to get a good seat in front of the what stage.

Best Song Performed: Amazing Grace- Mumford and Sons, Apache Relay, and Old Crow Medicine Show

Last year’s Mumford show at Bonnaroo ended with Apache Relay and Old Crown Medicine Show joining the British musicians on stage to sing one last song. They sang Amazing Grace and it was AMAZING. The crowd stopped, everyone was speechless. It was such a cool way to end the concert with three talented bands singing a classic song.

The Show that Saved the Artist: Sufjan Stevens

I love Sufjan and always will, but I cannot listen to his cds straight through, I get bored. He is very talented but all of his songs

sound the same. I love hearing one song and then I have had my fix. Last year Sufjan came to Knoxville and me and my friends bought tickets to go. I was excited to see him but I didn’t think I was going to love the show. He was touring with the Age of Adz, an album that has a very different sound than his state albums. This concert was amazing, so lively, full of dancing, and an amazing visual show as well as musical. I was so impressed by this concert that I can now listen to Age of Adz straight through and have a new love for Sufjan.

Honorable Shout Out Shows:

Avett Brothers at Bonnaroo 2010 when it rained, sitting outside of Rites of Spring to see the Flaming Lips, seeing Sting with my parents when I was little, Jay Z at Bonnaroo, the Black Keys in 2010, my first concert N*SYNC, and last but not least seeing local bands at local bars across the south.

Artists I Would Still Like to See:

Ryan Adams, James Taylor, and Sigur Ros.

Festivals I would like to Attend:

Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza, Newport Folk Festival, and Coachella.

I am 21 years old and I have seen almost every band I have ever wanted to see. I am so blessed and realize I need to stop spending money on going to concerts but I love the experience and I would rather have the memories than a new pair of shoes. A lot of my favorite concerts have been shared with my friends and family and I would have it no other way. I am so blessed to be from Nashville, Music City USA, I have been surrounded by talented artists since I was born.

*Pictures from google images.

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