The Other Pinterest


Pinterest is a great place to find products you love. But what if you find something that you love that has no link. I have franticly searched the internet for those shoes or those earrings and have come up with nothing. There is an alternative. Wanelo is a lot like Pinterest but it is only made for products. All the pictures are linked to the website the product came from. Wanelo offers a button to put on the top of your browser like Pinterest does to allow you to “save things” you find online. Wanelo has a similar layout to Pinterest, everything is in squares in a grid on the website. On Wanelo you can follow people, stores, or collections. It is a lot like Pinterest minus the photography, the weddings, and the quotes. Just think of it as an internet store with all your favorite products in one place.

also this is the funniest blog i have ever visited:


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