Guerilla Marketing

Being an advertising major has taught me a lot about thinking outside of the box, time management, and hard work. Americans are are surrounded by advertisements daily and tend to ignore most of them. I am one of the few people i know that doesn’t skip the commercials on youtube videos, I am also the one to rewind the DVR just to see that one commercial again. But for the average person they are doing everything to avoid it. Everyone is familiar with TV and radio commercials and ads in magazines or newspapers but marketers have discovered guerilla marketing is a new media companies should invest in. Guerilla Marketing is a nontraditional use of media. From huge soccer balls crashing into buildings to street grates turned into grills guerilla marketing could be placed anywhere and reach any audience. I am fascinated with guerilla marketing and I could see it becoming more popular in the next few years. It is a great way for companies to get an edge up on the competition. Advertising is becoming more than just print ads. Ads on the internet and social media sites are popping up everywhere. Advertising and marketing agencies are adapting quickly and adding these two new forms of advertising into their advertising plan. If i had my way i would work with guerilla marketing as my career.

The Sopranos reaching their target audience in New York.

An airport reminding people to check their baggage.

Prison break using sweet advertising.

Travel Agency promoting scuba diving.

A Red Bull Racing team changing tires in time square.

**Images from Google**



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