California Dreaming Music Monday

Delta Spirit: A California based band that is taking over my itunes. I heard their single on the radio the other week and fell in love. They have a beach pop/rock sound mixed with a typical indie sound. These westerners have three albums, their latest released in 2012. If you like Dr. Dog, Deer Tick, or Cold War Kids check this band out. I will be seeing them this year at Bonnaroo listen to their new single California and you will be there too.

follow their twitter account for new releases, tour dates, and stories from the road: @deltaspirit

No.: If you like the National you will love this band, you will love them because they sound almost exactly like them. They have a happier sound than the National but their singers have very similar voices. These Stay with Me is a haunting song that I cannot get out of my head. Make sure to listen to their EP Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Here Forever, which now available for free on their website They are based out of California and all their tour dates are on the west coast but I am hoping they make the trip to the southeast soon.

Follow them on twitter or connect with them on facebook: @NO and

Wavves: This california dude sounds like he is recording straight out of a garage that looks out on the west coast. Songs about the beach and california culture fill his albums. If Best Coast was a boy she would sound just like Wavves. He has appropriately played with Best Coast and has become one of my favorite summer artists. On this dreary day, I am obviously dreaming about sitting on the california coast listening to this beach rock.

follow wavves twitter account here: @wavveswavves


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