Social Media 101 (this one’s for you mom)

Facebook: a place to stay up to date with friends near and far. Post pictures and statuses to keep your friends informed on what you are doing. Used by anyone, any age, anywhere in the world.

Twitter: Take your facebook status’s cut them down to 140 words and you have twitter. Little blurbs from the mind take over my twitter feed. Quick easy way to interact with your friends, celebrities, bands, and comedians, as well as companies. Can be used by anyone, any age, but Twitter is more personal and is only fun if you have friends to follow in my opinion.

LinkedIn: Facebook for the business world. LinkedIn is like a virtual job fair, you are defined by your job and past experiences and you connect with people you have professionally worked with. This is a great profile to develop if you are looking for a job and need to connect with people in your field. There is also a feature on LinkedIn that lets you post articles and share blog posts about things in your field.

Instagram: A mobile app that has taken over picture sharing. Instagram has just recently been added to the android market making it accessible for all smart phones. This app lets you take pictures, give them a filter, and share them with your followers on instagram, twitter, and facebook.

Pinterest: Pinterest has quickly become every women on social media’s favorite site. It is a website used to share ideas, pictures, clothes, and everything else on the internet in one place. Pinterest has multiple uses: if you find something on a website you like you can add it to your virtual pinboard or if you like something on pinterest that your friend pinned you can repin it and add it to your board to save it for later.

Mashable: This is not a social media site but it is a site i visit daily. Mashable is the news room of social media. Check out this site for articles on your favorite social media sites and technology.


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