The uncredible source.

I have always been told wikipedia is not a credible source because anyone can change it and anyone can add the articles, but how is that different than huffington post and social media sites? These days real news comes from the population. It spreads on twitter and facebook like wildfire before it gets to the main news sources like CNN and Fox. Social media sites and online blogs are becoming the places that people check to find out about current events. People turn to social media even to start a revolution or share an idea. My big question is when are schools going to let blogs, wikipedia, and huffington post count as sources for research. In the advertising and marketing field you rely on what your target audience is thinking, saying, and sharing. My school research comes from databases and reliable sources but when do those reliable sources become reliable? I am sure Mashable and other famous trustworthy social media blogs started out as just blogs, when did they become reliable? Is it when a company starts around this site? when respectable news sources start reposting your articles? when you have over 2,000,000 followers on twitter? In my opinion the internet is full of people writing whatever they want. I am not sure what makes these “credible” sources credible, but if you ask me to tell you about something in the news or a historical event I go straight to wiki, twitter, or google to find the most recent news. I am curious to see how children in the next ten years learn how to research. Go ahead and quote this blog post because it is obviously as reliable as wikipedia and you know when you are researching you trust wiki over a lot of other sources.


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