Coachella is in 4 days and I am sitting in Knoxville, TN

Coachella, one of the best music festivals in the country is in 4 days and 10 days if you are going to the second weekend. Coachella started in 1999 and has become one of the most talked about musical events in the country. This year the headliners are the black keys, dr. dre and snoop dog, and RADIOHEAD. Born and raised in the south i have grown up hearing about and attending Bonnaroo, a music festival in Manchester, TN that has a good amount of fans. I love Bonnaroo but one of my life goals is to go to Coachella. Coachella takes place in April in southern california. Great music, california style, and california spring weather sound pretty good to me. IF i was going this year these are the bands I would go out of my way to see:

Radiohead: I dont think I need to explain this one, but after seeing Radiohead in March I will do anything to see them again. They put on such an amazing show. (they are coming to bonnaroo this year, so dont worry i will see them again)

Dawes: Dawes is a band from Los Angeles that I love. I saw them at a local record store this fall and I have been listening to them since. As another one of my favorite folk rock bands, I would be front row and center at their show on friday.

The Black Lips: The one song that will make me dance no matter where i am is modern art by the black lips. I would go to this show just to see this one song and dance. I would also like to see what their other songs are like live, but I would be one of those people that go to a show for that one song (i mean i LOVE it).

Andrew Bird: See my old music monday post about Andrew Bird to read about my love for him. I missed him last month in Nashville so I would love to see this show, I have heard he is amazing live.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals: Grace Potter is so commanding when she is on stage. Her voice is so powerful that you cannot take your eyes off her when she is dancing around the stage. I would love to see them again after listening to their music more intensely.

Honorable Mentions: The Black Keys, Gary Clark Jr., Gotye, First Aid Kit, and many more.

Coachella has done a really great job using social media, from their twitter account that is active year round, to all the promotions they put out through twitter (@coachella) and facebook, and their youtube channel is practically famous in April. For an event that happens once a year (well two weekends this year) they have done a great job of selling the coachella brand across the world using the internet.

I have to keep reminding myself that I am not made of money and I cannot hop on a plane, buy a ticket, and enjoy this weekend music festival. Until I am made of money I will just sit here on my computer and imagine myself in California go to this youtube channel to see live broadcasts of the shows, highlights, schedules, and other things you would see if you weren’t on your couch in Tennessee.

see ya in a few years coachella!



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