This Baltimore indie rock band started in North Carolina with an electro pop sound. On the Water is their most recent album and my personal favorite of their 3 official albums//I haven’t dug into the EPs yet// Spotify relates them to WU LYF and The War on Drugs. Listen to Balance and Long Flight to get a feel of this band’s sound. Apparently i missed them when they came to Knoxville in January…maybe they will come down south again soon.


TV on the Radio:

I have heard of TV on the Radio for years but I have never had the chance to listen to them. Then spotify came along and TV on the Radio came into my discography. A combination of Post Punk/Soul/Indie Rock/and a little bit of Electropop makes up TV on the Radio’s sound. These New Yorkers are not very active on twitter but they do have a ton of followers. Having only 3 tweets since September and still having over 19,000 followers is pretty impressive. That is how good this band is. Hop on spotify or pandora to listen to their music or go to your local record store on saturday and buy one of their records to participate in RECORD STORE DAY!


The Notorious XX:

I am not specific about music, I like artists and bands from all different genres but I am usually against rap/hip hop music. I am notorious for killing the mood in the party by changing it from rap music to something no one but me wants to listen to. BUT if you trick me sometimes i really enjoy rap music. I got tricked into liking Jay-Z because he is such a good performer, I got tricked into liking Childish Gambino because I love Donald Glover, and this past week I got tricked into liking Notorious B.I.G………The Notorious XX is a mashup created by DJ Wait What that combines The XX’s album, the XX released in 2009, and Notorious B.I.G.’s raps. This mashup was released in 2010 on a blog and became viral. Wait What took down the free download 12 days after he posted it, but if you try a little bit you can still find the album. This odd combination is surprisingly smooth and works together so well. To keep up with DJ Wait What visit his website.


The Boxer Rebellion:

The Punch Brothers:



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