how to market on pinterest.

Since March 2010 Pinterest has become one of the top 3 popular social media sites. Women are the main audience of Pinterest. Pinterest has become so popular with females because the content on the site is normally DIY, weddings, or beauty. Because Pinterest has become so popular brands are trying their hardest to tap into this audience through the site. They are flooding the main page with pictures pinned by workers of companies. I personally hate all the products that have taken over the front pages. Oscar De La Renta and Honda have gotten by attention by taking different marketing approaches with Pinterest. Oscar De La Renta has been known for posting live photos of his shows on different social media sites like Tumblr. Oscar De La Renta has recently live pinned the bridal show. The team posted photos of the models before, during, and after the show. With such a huge bridal audience on Pinterest this was a great marketing move. Honda, a car company, is taking steps away from the normal product promotion. Their approach is giving top pinners 500 dollars to get them off their computer and to the places they have been pinning about. Along with posting pictures of their cars Honda’s social media campaign that includes Pinterest for the first time has gotten a lot of attention through the social media world. Pinterest is such a different type of social media that it offers companies to be creative and take different approaches in product promotion.


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