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This Baltimore indie rock band started in North Carolina with an electro pop sound. On the Water is their most recent album and my personal favorite of their 3 official albums//I haven’t dug into the EPs yet// Spotify relates them to WU LYF and The War on Drugs. Listen to Balance and Long Flight to get a feel of this band’s sound. Apparently i missed them when they came to Knoxville in January…maybe they will come down south again soon.


TV on the Radio:

I have heard of TV on the Radio for years but I have never had the chance to listen to them. Then spotify came along and TV on the Radio came into my discography. A combination of Post Punk/Soul/Indie Rock/and a little bit of Electropop makes up TV on the Radio’s sound. These New Yorkers are not very active on twitter but they do have a ton of followers. Having only 3 tweets since September and still having over 19,000 followers is pretty impressive. That is how good this band is. Hop on spotify or pandora to listen to their music or go to your local record store on saturday and buy one of their records to participate in RECORD STORE DAY!


The Notorious XX:

I am not specific about music, I like artists and bands from all different genres but I am usually against rap/hip hop music. I am notorious for killing the mood in the party by changing it from rap music to something no one but me wants to listen to. BUT if you trick me sometimes i really enjoy rap music. I got tricked into liking Jay-Z because he is such a good performer, I got tricked into liking Childish Gambino because I love Donald Glover, and this past week I got tricked into liking Notorious B.I.G………The Notorious XX is a mashup created by DJ Wait What that combines The XX’s album, the XX released in 2009, and Notorious B.I.G.’s raps. This mashup was released in 2010 on a blog and became viral. Wait What took down the free download 12 days after he posted it, but if you try a little bit you can still find the album. This odd combination is surprisingly smooth and works together so well. To keep up with DJ Wait What visit his website.


The Boxer Rebellion:

The Punch Brothers:



Coachella is in 4 days and I am sitting in Knoxville, TN

Coachella, one of the best music festivals in the country is in 4 days and 10 days if you are going to the second weekend. Coachella started in 1999 and has become one of the most talked about musical events in the country. This year the headliners are the black keys, dr. dre and snoop dog, and RADIOHEAD. Born and raised in the south i have grown up hearing about and attending Bonnaroo, a music festival in Manchester, TN that has a good amount of fans. I love Bonnaroo but one of my life goals is to go to Coachella. Coachella takes place in April in southern california. Great music, california style, and california spring weather sound pretty good to me. IF i was going this year these are the bands I would go out of my way to see:

Radiohead: I dont think I need to explain this one, but after seeing Radiohead in March I will do anything to see them again. They put on such an amazing show. (they are coming to bonnaroo this year, so dont worry i will see them again)

Dawes: Dawes is a band from Los Angeles that I love. I saw them at a local record store this fall and I have been listening to them since. As another one of my favorite folk rock bands, I would be front row and center at their show on friday.

The Black Lips: The one song that will make me dance no matter where i am is modern art by the black lips. I would go to this show just to see this one song and dance. I would also like to see what their other songs are like live, but I would be one of those people that go to a show for that one song (i mean i LOVE it).

Andrew Bird: See my old music monday post about Andrew Bird to read about my love for him. I missed him last month in Nashville so I would love to see this show, I have heard he is amazing live.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals: Grace Potter is so commanding when she is on stage. Her voice is so powerful that you cannot take your eyes off her when she is dancing around the stage. I would love to see them again after listening to their music more intensely.

Honorable Mentions: The Black Keys, Gary Clark Jr., Gotye, First Aid Kit, and many more.

Coachella has done a really great job using social media, from their twitter account that is active year round, to all the promotions they put out through twitter (@coachella) and facebook, and their youtube channel is practically famous in April. For an event that happens once a year (well two weekends this year) they have done a great job of selling the coachella brand across the world using the internet.

I have to keep reminding myself that I am not made of money and I cannot hop on a plane, buy a ticket, and enjoy this weekend music festival. Until I am made of money I will just sit here on my computer and imagine myself in California go to this youtube channel to see live broadcasts of the shows, highlights, schedules, and other things you would see if you weren’t on your couch in Tennessee.

see ya in a few years coachella!


California Dreaming Music Monday

Delta Spirit: A California based band that is taking over my itunes. I heard their single on the radio the other week and fell in love. They have a beach pop/rock sound mixed with a typical indie sound. These westerners have three albums, their latest released in 2012. If you like Dr. Dog, Deer Tick, or Cold War Kids check this band out. I will be seeing them this year at Bonnaroo listen to their new single California and you will be there too.

follow their twitter account for new releases, tour dates, and stories from the road: @deltaspirit

No.: If you like the National you will love this band, you will love them because they sound almost exactly like them. They have a happier sound than the National but their singers have very similar voices. These Stay with Me is a haunting song that I cannot get out of my head. Make sure to listen to their EP Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Here Forever, which now available for free on their website They are based out of California and all their tour dates are on the west coast but I am hoping they make the trip to the southeast soon.

Follow them on twitter or connect with them on facebook: @NO and

Wavves: This california dude sounds like he is recording straight out of a garage that looks out on the west coast. Songs about the beach and california culture fill his albums. If Best Coast was a boy she would sound just like Wavves. He has appropriately played with Best Coast and has become one of my favorite summer artists. On this dreary day, I am obviously dreaming about sitting on the california coast listening to this beach rock.

follow wavves twitter account here: @wavveswavves

What I would have seen if I went to SXSW

SXSW is the perfect conference for me, a music festival and an interactive conference in one place at one time??? SXSW is an Interactive, Music, and Film Festival that takes place annually in March. SXSW has become huge over the past few years, it is in Austin, TX and is almost a week long.  I feel like my twitter feed and all my go-to websites have been flooded with information about SXSW this week. This might be because I primarily follow bands and social media sites on twitter and read news on these two topics daily. SXSW interactive was the launching site of Twitter and Foursquare and is the conference that anyone who is anyone in the social media world attends. The music side has grown so much over the past few years with over i was going to list bands that performed but i was too overwhelmed by the list. SXSW is more that just a few shows, SXSW is all day and all night because of all the after parties and all the visitors that take over Austin for the 5 days in March. After reading all the tweets and watching all the videos I have realized I would have been so over whelmed and I would have probably looked like a chicken with my head cut off. If i did attend a few things I would have wanted to see if I was in Austin this week include:

-Jay-Z’s american express show used to promote american express’s new twitter partnership. This concert was streamed live on the internet and is still available if you would like to watch it.

– I would have supported the homeless hot spots. A cool idea of making homeless people in Austin hot spots for the week.

– I would have attended the acting class taught by the director of arrested development!

-I would have tried to see a lot of concerts especially Bruce Springsteen’s.

-I would have liked to hear about the the release of the new app “highlight.” An app that connects you to people around you that have similar interests. Meeting strangers walking down the street might be social media’s newest idea…..

– And most importantly I would have networked at all the parties. Journalist, musicians, actors, marketing gurus, social media geniuses and everyone in between are in attendance at the SXSW after parties. These parties are based on networking, maybe I could have used the new Highlight app to see who I could have potentially talked to.

Gary Sharma described SXSW as “A rollercoaster of parties, people, apps, marketing stunts, long lines, free food, fire dancers, business cards, party buses, taco trucks, drunken tweets, celebrity sightings, old friends, new friends, bbq, deals, hookups, checkins, random conversations, acquisition rumors and much, much more.” – how would you not like this?

Maybe one day I will attend SXSW but for now I will just think of all the cool things I would have seen. (An owl bus sponsored by Hootsuite)


Birthday Music Monday

It’s my birthday today, this glorious Monday I turn 21 years old so instead of introducing new bands I am going to review my all time favorite bands and concerts:

Favorite Band for Life: Nickel Creek

I have grown up listening to Nickel Creek. My parents were great enough to take me to see them not once, not twice, but three times (Two being at the Ryman Auditorium). I was there at the very last show they played together in 2007. Since their break up I have seen Chris Thile 5 other times, solo and with the Punch Brothers. I will admit that I am obsessed and if they ever get back together I hope to be at their first show with my family.

Best Surprise Concert: My Morning Jacket 

Last Bonnaroo all my friends went back to the campsite after a long day at the festival, I decided to stay in Centeroo because I wanted to be really close for Arcade Fire. I weaseled my way up to 20 rows from the stage to stake out all by myself. My Morning Jacket was playing before Arcade Fire and the crowd was going crazy. Jim James came on stage with his furry boots and I knew I had made the right decision. I had heard one song of theirs before the concert but I was enamored with the show. I was so impressed by their stage presence and I loved their sound. Since that show I have listened to their discography and I have been looking for another chance to see them (I hope they headline ACL in the Fall)

Favorite Album: Kings of Leon- Only By The Night

This is my go to album; I think I have listened to it 300 times or more. I know every word and drum solo and will sing along to it all until it is annoying to other people. This is the cd that I will be listening to and look down and notice that I am going 89 on the interstate; I get so into the music that I forget about my surroundings. My actual cd is starting to skip because I have listened to it so many times. This cd came out my senior year of high school, it not only has a great sound but I have so many memories around these songs.

Guilty Pleasure: The Goo Goo Dolls

I have no idea why I love them but I do and I always will. When one of their songs comes on I stop what I am doing and usually start singing or dancing. I mean Iris and Name are classics, what is not to love about them?? The Goo Goo Dolls played a concert at a college near me a few years ago and no one told me, I missed the concert and found out about it a few days later. I am still bitter about it.

Favorite Concert: Radiohead

Favorite is a strong word, and I am hesitant to put it in the title of this one, but Radiohead……I am still speechless.

I saw Radiohead last Thursday in Atlanta and I have to say it was one of the best shows I have ever seen, the band, Thom Yorke, the audience, the dancing, the music, everything was absolutely perfect. I could have stayed at that concert for a week without food or water and would have been totally fine. Thom Yorke would say two words and the crowd would go insane, he couldn’t even finish a sentence because the arena would get so loud. The music took over the whole arena, everyone was dancing and singing along. I cant believe I am going to see them twice in one year, June 7-10 at Bonnaroo they are returning to Tennessee and I will be there hot and smelly waiting for hours to get a good seat in front of the what stage.

Best Song Performed: Amazing Grace- Mumford and Sons, Apache Relay, and Old Crow Medicine Show

Last year’s Mumford show at Bonnaroo ended with Apache Relay and Old Crown Medicine Show joining the British musicians on stage to sing one last song. They sang Amazing Grace and it was AMAZING. The crowd stopped, everyone was speechless. It was such a cool way to end the concert with three talented bands singing a classic song.

The Show that Saved the Artist: Sufjan Stevens

I love Sufjan and always will, but I cannot listen to his cds straight through, I get bored. He is very talented but all of his songs

sound the same. I love hearing one song and then I have had my fix. Last year Sufjan came to Knoxville and me and my friends bought tickets to go. I was excited to see him but I didn’t think I was going to love the show. He was touring with the Age of Adz, an album that has a very different sound than his state albums. This concert was amazing, so lively, full of dancing, and an amazing visual show as well as musical. I was so impressed by this concert that I can now listen to Age of Adz straight through and have a new love for Sufjan.

Honorable Shout Out Shows:

Avett Brothers at Bonnaroo 2010 when it rained, sitting outside of Rites of Spring to see the Flaming Lips, seeing Sting with my parents when I was little, Jay Z at Bonnaroo, the Black Keys in 2010, my first concert N*SYNC, and last but not least seeing local bands at local bars across the south.

Artists I Would Still Like to See:

Ryan Adams, James Taylor, and Sigur Ros.

Festivals I would like to Attend:

Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza, Newport Folk Festival, and Coachella.

I am 21 years old and I have seen almost every band I have ever wanted to see. I am so blessed and realize I need to stop spending money on going to concerts but I love the experience and I would rather have the memories than a new pair of shoes. A lot of my favorite concerts have been shared with my friends and family and I would have it no other way. I am so blessed to be from Nashville, Music City USA, I have been surrounded by talented artists since I was born.

*Pictures from google images.

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Its a Bird! Its a Monster! No Its Just Another Music Monday.

A 35 page paper, a quiz, and a pile of homework are waiting for me and I have decided to do a MUSIC MONDAY post because I am dedicated to my blog (aka I am procrastinating) and I would feel like a failure if I didnt do one 4 weeks into blogging. This one’s is gonna be short and sweet just like me.

Andrew Bird: Andrew Bird has a new album coming out March 6th. After touring around Europe he is headed to SXSW and the Ryman in Nashville, TN  in March along with a lot of other venues across the country. His new album, Break It Yourself, is on NPR RIGHT NOW! It popped up on my twitter feed half way through the day and  I have been listening to it since. A few songs put me to sleep when I got to the 3 oclock lull in the day, but now that i am listening to it at night while doing homework in my quite house I can appreciate the music more. The album has a beautiful sound and it flows very nicely. If you haven’t heard of Andrew Bird this is a great place to start. Thanks to @andrewbird and @NPRmusic’s twitter accounts I have had a great day full of great new music.

Of Monsters and Men: Before I discovered Andrew Bird’s new album on NPR I was stuck on Of Monsters and Men. I had heard their single on the radio last week and have been obsessed with it ever since. My friend Spencer happened to give me the album before I realized this band sang that one song! They have such a nice folky sound that makes me want to dance all day long. They remind me a lot of Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros + The Apache Relay + a little bit of Dr. Dog. The perfect mixture little female voice and a strong male voice make this a very enjoyable CD, the thumping drums in the background provide a perfect beat. If you listen to this CD without tapping your foot or dancing you have a lot of control over your limbs, unlike me. Listen to Little Talks for a great new song from a great band. Oh and they are from Iceland…….

//i just started following them on twitter, they are at 5,700 followers, i think they will at least be up to 10,000 by april. follow now @ofmonstersandmen so you can say i liked them before they were famous//

may this blog post help you procrastinate.

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A Sick Music Monday

I have been sick all weekend and still sound like a frog when I talk and I want to crawl into my bed and watch How I Met Your Mother all day, but instead I made it to the library and made it back to the blogging world. This weeks Music Monday is going to be dedicated to bands I love and make me feel better when I am hacking up a lung.

Fleetwood Mac: There have been 15 different artist in Fleetwood Mac over the past 40 years. Ironicly the band is named after Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, the only two artist that have been apart of the band for all 40 years. Fleetwood Mac is known for changing members and changing genres. They started out as a British blues band but recorded one of the most popular pop albums of all time (RUMOURS). Rumours is one of my favorite albums of all time. Rumours was written at a time when everyone in the band was going through a breakup or heartbreak. The lyrics are so raw and I have been singing “You Can Go Your Own Way” to my cold all weekend.

Ryan Adams: Ryan Adams started his solo career in 2000 and has easily become one of my favorite artist of all time. As a rock/alternative country artist all of his records have found their way onto my ipod. He released 8 albums in 5 years and managed to piss off half of the music industry for poor character on stage. He took a break from super recording and has released only 5 albums since 2006. **I didn’t know this about Ryan Adams and I am so impressed by the quantity and quality of his music over the past 11 years. 13 ALBUMS IN 11 YEARS!!** If you haven’t listened to his music listen to Heartbreaker, Gold, Cold Roses, and his most recent Ashes & Fire.

 Into the Wild Soundtrack: I know this is not a band but it is one of my favorite soundtracks ever. I have said this before and will say it again I am sure but I LOVE SOUNDTRACKS, soundtracks are a perfect mix cd given to you by a professional. I have read Into the Wild, seen the movie, and listened to the soundtrack. The movie and book are depressing but the soundtrack……lets just say it is always in my car ready to be listened to. This soundtrack made me like Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam. I have never been into the arena rock bands until this soundtrack. Eddie Vedder, vocalist for Pearl Jam, was approached by Sean Penn, director of the film, to record this soundtrack in 2007. The album has a folk sound but Vedder’s voice gives it the edge it needs to be a part of this great story. If you have no desire to see the movie or book just listen to this soundtrack and your opinion will probably be changed.

I am sorry if this post didn’t make sense, when I am sick my communication skills are subpar and my music taste is very limited to things I already like. I hope I get well soon and I hope you don’t catch my cold through the amazing internet (that would be horrible and really creepy). I also hope you learned a lot because I learned a ton about a few of my favorite bands while researching for this post.

Happy Monday.

Check out this music through this pandora radio station I made. It features Fleetwood Mac, Ryan Adams, and Eddie Vedder. Pandora does a great job with putting similar music together in one place so you will probably discover some other artists as well like Joe Purdy:

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Bonnaaa What? Bonnaaaa Who? Bonnaaarooooo.

Thom Yorke will you be my valentine? Keep the chocolates, the flowers, and the teddy bears. I got everything i need this valentines day. The Bonnaroo Line Up came up today. With bands like Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Phish leading the line up this is going to be an amazing festival. Not only are the headliners amazing this year the little bands make it more than worth it to buy a ticket to go to the festival. Bands like Childish Gambino, St. Vincent, The Civil Wars, Dawes, The Black Lips, and Alabama Shakes would have me buying a ticket to the farm without question. Bonnaroo has been around for 11 years now and this is one of the greatest lineups I have ever seen. The headliners are a perfect mixture between jam bands, indie rock gods, and good ole fashion music (THE BEACH BOYS).

2 years ago was my first year attending bonnaroo and I was sold.Bonnaroo is such an amazing experience that I will probably be attending for years and years to come. I love all the music you can see in one weekend. The fact that i can walk from Beirut to The Strokes to Explosions in the Sky is worth more than the ticket price. The sweltering heat, the dust, the dirt, the druggies, the drunk people that literally sit on you, and even the people that accidentally burn your face with a cigarette cant keep me away from this lineup and this weekend in Manchester, TN.

The line up came out today on Spotify. @SpotifyUSA was in charge of the twitter feed along with @Bonnaroo and @ACentertainment. All three companies did not have to promote the announcement for a long time. Once the lineup was released it flooded all social media sites like a wave.

I was in class freaking out about homework and tests when the lineup came out this year. This is the first year i have missed the lineup release and I am upset about it. I am usually staring at my phone and computer all day waiting for it. Little did i know it came out in my 11 oclock class. With four tweets, 6 text messages, facebook posts, and a phone call waiting for me on my phone I was too overwhelmed to deal with the information and to talk about it with my friends about their reactions. After turning all my papers, drawings, and taking a test i can finally process the lineup and give you my feedback. So to all my friends I ignored I am sorry and here are my thoughts.



Music Monday

Well its that time again….. Monday and almost Valentines Day……I dont have a valentine to put in your mailbox but I do have a few bands I discovered over the weekend for your heart. This weekend I spent time with some of my friends that have great taste in music (see my last blog post!) and we talked about a few upcoming bands//up-in-coming to us//

Here is some music monday love:

FUN.: No this is not a joke, Fun. is the band’s name (i was very confused the first time i heard it) but their single We Are Young- featuring Janelle Monae is so good that it will be stuck in your head all day. The band the Format broke up in 2008 and this is the lead singer’s solo act. The music is said to be vintage pop//lively rock//alternative.They have a new CD coming out on Feb. 21 . You can keep up with their twitter here: @ournameisfun

The Boxer Rebellion:

If you have seen Going the Distance with Drew Barrymore and Justin long you have heard of this band. They are the band featured in the movie twice. I am a huge soundtrack fan because it is a perfect mix CD that goes along with one of your favorite movies. I haven’t even looked into Going the Distance’s soundtrack until I was sitting at a coffee shop this weekend freaking out about the music coming out of the speakers. I shazamed it (a mobile app you can get on your phone to listen to songs and tell you what is playing in your surroundings), I even looked up the lyrics and with no luck I had to ask the barista. I was SHOCKED when he told me it was boxer rebellion. I am a huge fan of the movie they are featured in (and by huge fan i mean i rented it 7 times before i finally bought it). The Boxer Rebellion is made up of 3 guys from 3 different countries.  They released their 3rd cd in 2011 and are touring around North America with stops in Nashville, Knoxville, and Ashville. I will be seeing them in April and I am so excited about it.I am really bad at comparing bands but to me they are a less folky Fleet Foxes mixed with a little bit of The Stills and I might be crazy but a touch of interpol might be in there.

First Aid Kit: 

This Swedish band of sisters has hit the the air waves quickly and their songs are spreading like wildfire. They are famous for their musical recordings in the woods and their carefree hippie style. They have beautiful voices and combined with a folk sound like Joanna Newsom, The Civil Wars, and The Tallest Man on Earth they make a great band. You can purchase their new cd The Lions’s Roar and follow them @FirstAidKitBand. If you haven’t already check them out, it will be well worth your while.

If you are ever in need of a new band or song and dont have awesome musically inclined friends, visit Spotify and Pandora to find music you would enjoy based on what you already like, or you could come here every monday ….just saying.

That’s all….Happy Monday

P.S. The best valentine present i will be getting tomorrow is the Bonnaroo Line Up!!!!! Make sure to follow @spotifyUSA because they are releasing it on Spotify but you can follow their twitter feed if you dont have Spotify!

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My Weekend Through the Eyes of Instagram.

Little Known Fact About Me: I LOVE NASHVILLE. i love nashville more than any place i have ever visited (and i have been to italy), my life goals are limited by my desire to work/live in Nashville. I love Nashville for so many reasons and I am sure I will cover them all in my blog over time. Over christmas break I won tickets on the radio to see Yonder Mountain String Band on Feb. 10. So obviously I penciled it in to my calendar and made a weekend of it. Here is my weekend in Nashville according to my Intstagram feed:

Let’s meet the Stars:

Katie Redmond (Right): My partner in concert crime. We made a promise that if we ever won tickets on the radio we would take each other. So naturally she came to Yonder Mountain String Band with me. We have kinda been friends since 3rd grade, she has great taste in music and goes to UTC. She likes nail polish, fashion, music, and sparkly things.

Claim to Fame: She went to New York Fashion week once and got a free pair of $100 leggings.

Check out her blog:

Chelsea (center): Always has the best sweets and treats up her sleeve. She has the cutest cat and loves watching rom-coms in her cute little apartment/soon to be East Nashville house. She also has great taste in music (do you see a trend?), likes going to the flea market, and is so creative that everything she touches could be on pinterest. She works at gigi’s cupcakes and always gives us a dozen every time we see her (spring break bod anyone?)

Claim to Fame:  Fido’s knew her name and drink order once.

Check out her blog:

FRIDAY: We pulled into Nashville and immediately stopped at Fido in Hillsboro Village. We caught up and shared all of our TV Moments (moments in our life that should be on a TV show).  After muffins, coffee, and eggs we decided it was time to part ways with Chelsea and make our way to the new Music Marathon Works. We elbowed our way up to the 2nd row and made some interesting friends (a 3rd grade teacher wearing a tutu).If you have the chance to see this band go! There were teenagers and 50 year olds in the crowd, there were frat-stars and hippies dancing right next to each other. This band is loved by all! We danced to Yonder Mountain String Band until we were blue…..bluegrassed out.  Then we drove home in the snow to end a great night.

Saturday: I don’t know if there is anything better than waking up in a warm bed to the smell of homemade breakfast but to me a close second is shopping with my mom in Nashville.
After a great breakfast we headed to multiple boutiques in Brentwood including Vignette.
They had a bird cage up stairs with real birds in it! If i ever have a store I will copy them,
even though I am kind of afraid of birds…..another time//another post.
Then I got to hang out with my precious nephew Nolan. We read books, sat by the fire, ate pretzels, popcorn, carrots, and saltines all mixed together in one bowl. FUTURE CHEF ALERT! We chased cats and watched SNL, and picked on his mom. He is almost 3 and one of my favorite people in the whole world.
After Nolan yelled at me for not coming to his house (heartbreaking) I picked Katie up and we met Chelsea, Ali, and Phillip at Mafiaoza’s. We had delicious pizza, pasta, and drinks. Ali and Chelsea won for the night by ordering this:
A cheese platter with drunken goat cheese, blueberry stilton cheese, and hummus.

Sunday: Katie and I made the trip back to Knoxville this morning. With The Frothy Monkey‘s Banana Hot Chocolate in hand we listened to Lightning 100 until we couldn’t understand the music through the static. When we finally got back to Knoxville we parted ways, I went to the movies and she went to the library (it was still the weekend for me). Now its Grammy/homework time. I wish I could instagram my setup but my data package on my iphone is running out quickly and the instagram app is too good to look at it for 1 second because i get caught looking at what my friends are posting.

Eventhough i am kind of bitter about Mumford/The Decemberist/Radiohead losing to The Foo Fighters i will still wish you all a happy grammy’s night.

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