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Guerilla Marketing

Being an advertising major has taught me a lot about thinking outside of the box, time management, and hard work. Americans are are surrounded by advertisements daily and tend to ignore most of them. I am one of the few people i know that doesn’t skip the commercials on youtube videos, I am also the one to rewind the DVR just to see that one commercial again. But for the average person they are doing everything to avoid it. Everyone is familiar with TV and radio commercials and ads in magazines or newspapers but marketers have discovered guerilla marketing is a new media companies should invest in. Guerilla Marketing is a nontraditional use of media. From huge soccer balls crashing into buildings to street grates turned into grills guerilla marketing could be placed anywhere and reach any audience. I am fascinated with guerilla marketing and I could see it becoming more popular in the next few years. It is a great way for companies to get an edge up on the competition. Advertising is becoming more than just print ads. Ads on the internet and social media sites are popping up everywhere. Advertising and marketing agencies are adapting quickly and adding these two new forms of advertising into their advertising plan. If i had my way i would work with guerilla marketing as my career.

The Sopranos reaching their target audience in New York.

An airport reminding people to check their baggage.

Prison break using sweet advertising.

Travel Agency promoting scuba diving.

A Red Bull Racing team changing tires in time square.

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The Highlights of Highlight.

Highlight was the most buzzed about app before and during SXSW this past week. SXSW has become a place for technology and social media sites to be premiered but this year, because it was so crowded a lot of the sites got lost in crowd. Highlight was an app that was talked about before the interactive conference and might become the next foursquare, twitter, or facebook. Highlight is an app to find out who is near you and what they like. If someone near you has the Highlight app it will show up on your phone if you have the app too. Highlight connects people through interests and lets you save the person so you can remember them. You could use this app at a bar or a party to find people with similar interests and avoid the awkward conversations. This is a good idea for social media because social media is used primarily by a younger generation. Using Highlight at parties is the only way I would be behind this app. I would be appalled if someone stopped me in the grocery store and said “oh your Highlight told me you like music and hiking, we should chat.” If foursquare wasnt creepy enough this is taking it to the next level. Strangers around you can see who you are, your name, where you are from, what you like…..a stalkers paradise. Social media is becoming more and more invasive, but people are still signing up for these things, including me.

“Highlight gives you a sixth sense about the world around you, showing you hidden connections and making your day more fun.”

How Social Media is Affecting Political Campaigns.

Barak Obama was the first president to use social media to gain the presidency. In 2008 Obama used twitter, facebook, blogs, and websites to gain a huge following across the country. Before he was elected president he had triple the amount of followers on all social media site than McCain. I think Obama’s presence on social media made a huge impact on his success. He was able to reach out to the youth. Gaining the following of the 20 something generation was a very smart idea. Most being first time voters, they didn’t have a strong partisan view. After being elected obama has used social media in the white house. He is very active on twitter and facebook. He has held “Town Hall Meetings” on twitter and linkedIn. He allowed people to log on and ask him questions, he spent the meeting answering questions via status updates and comments. He has used Social Media since day one and I expect nothing less in his 2012 campaign, I am excited to see what the competition does to compete.

In the republican primaries we have caught a glimpse into the social media political world. Some candidates have used social

media well and some have been destroyed because of it. All the politicians are on social media sites and are doing well in gaining followers but some have used innovative ideas to increase their number of voters.

Newt Gingrich: Gingrich designed his Facebook page in a very unique way. First time viewers are asked to join the race, they are immediately presented with petitions to sign and a place to donate. After they have signed up or at least looked into it they can explore the site and travel to all the other Gingrich sites on the web.

Ron Paul: Ron Paul is the republican candidate I have heard the most about because I live in a college town. Ron Paul has done a good job tapping into the younger voters. He has a lot of people talking about him on social media sites and is a popular topic on Reddit. I dont know if his social media campaign is so successful because the youth likes him or if he meant to target the internet.

Mitt Romney: There have been multiple articles about the fact that Mitt Romney is not tapping into the social media world as well as the other candidates. I personally think Mitt Romney is targeting the older generations so I do not know if he is that concered about it.

Rick Santorum: Rick Santorum’s twitter following has increased at a more rapid race than any of the other candidates. He was the most talked about candidate on twitter on super tuesday.

I personally think Social Media is an important thing to add to the campaign along with all the other typical strategies. Campaigns should maybe focus on Social Media more than direct mail and email lists. Disclaimer I really know nothing about politics and this blog post is me writing out of my comfort zone. Even though I am not interested in politics I am interested in seeing how the candidates use social media over the next few months.