Its a Bird! Its a Monster! No Its Just Another Music Monday.

A 35 page paper, a quiz, and a pile of homework are waiting for me and I have decided to do a MUSIC MONDAY post because I am dedicated to my blog (aka I am procrastinating) and I would feel like a failure if I didnt do one 4 weeks into blogging. This one’s is gonna be short and sweet just like me.

Andrew Bird: Andrew Bird has a new album coming out March 6th. After touring around Europe he is headed to SXSW and the Ryman in Nashville, TN  in March along with a lot of other venues across the country. His new album, Break It Yourself, is on NPR RIGHT NOW! It popped up on my twitter feed half way through the day and  I have been listening to it since. A few songs put me to sleep when I got to the 3 oclock lull in the day, but now that i am listening to it at night while doing homework in my quite house I can appreciate the music more. The album has a beautiful sound and it flows very nicely. If you haven’t heard of Andrew Bird this is a great place to start. Thanks to @andrewbird and @NPRmusic’s twitter accounts I have had a great day full of great new music.

Of Monsters and Men: Before I discovered Andrew Bird’s new album on NPR I was stuck on Of Monsters and Men. I had heard their single on the radio last week and have been obsessed with it ever since. My friend Spencer happened to give me the album before I realized this band sang that one song! They have such a nice folky sound that makes me want to dance all day long. They remind me a lot of Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros + The Apache Relay + a little bit of Dr. Dog. The perfect mixture little female voice and a strong male voice make this a very enjoyable CD, the thumping drums in the background provide a perfect beat. If you listen to this CD without tapping your foot or dancing you have a lot of control over your limbs, unlike me. Listen to Little Talks for a great new song from a great band. Oh and they are from Iceland…….

//i just started following them on twitter, they are at 5,700 followers, i think they will at least be up to 10,000 by april. follow now @ofmonstersandmen so you can say i liked them before they were famous//

may this blog post help you procrastinate.

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One thought on “Its a Bird! Its a Monster! No Its Just Another Music Monday.

  1. Meow says:

    Great post. Great Blog.

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